Pre-registration NRB super sponsor bingo

NRB sponsor super bingo night

Saturday evening, Dec. 1, 2018
Location: Clubhouse | MAT
For whom: NRB members
Start: 8 p.m.

The sponsors

The middle class of Noordwijk has several
beautiful sponsor prizes made available
To the Noordwijk Rescue Brigade.

Super nice prices

With many prizes including Bowling Voucher 50 euros,
Combat city 70 euros, Cake vouchers,Hairdressing voucher 30 euros,
Blue goose daily platter with glass of wine, Garden extra coupons,
Wish you were here 3 course meal with bottle of wine,
Jeweler mickey's 50 euros, Shoe store coupons,
Ice cream coupons, flower coupons , books
and much more....

How does the evening go

There are 10 Rounds. We will divide the evening into 2 sets of 5 rounds.
The cost is 5 euros per set. Which is only 1 euro per round.
Proceeds from this evening will go towards a new manikin for our in-house first aid training.