Collections week Noordwijk Rescue Brigade

From Monday, July 1 to Friday, July 5, 2019

The Noordwijk Rescue Brigade supervises the beach of Noordwijk. The lifeguards patrol the beach and the sea on foot, on wheels and/or on boats. There are three fixed beach posts where you can go for first aid or more information about the weather conditions, among other things.

The Noordwijk Rescue Brigade has various materials at its disposal with which the lifeguards do their work, including rescue boards. With these boards the lifeguards can quickly and safely pull a swimmer in trouble or a drowning person out of the water. The existing boards are in need of replacement. Proceeds from the 2019 collection will be used to purchase three new rescue boards.

Will you help?

In 2019, collection week is July 1 - 5. Will you help? Sign up for the collection week via the registration form or request more information. We would be happy to think with you about which position suits you and can help us.

Every donation is welcome

Thank you for your support of the NRB. Every contribution, big or small, helps us to secure the Noordwijk beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will collections be held?

Monday, July 1 to Friday, July 5, 2019 between 18:00 and 21:00 in the residential areas of Noordwijk.

What will be done with the proceeds of the collection?

Proceeds from the 2019 collection will be used to purchase three new rescue boards.

Why does the Noordwijk Rescue Brigade organize a collection week?

During the summer period, the volunteers of the Noordwijk Rescue Brigade work to increase the safety of beach visitors. This is only possible with well-trained lifeguards and good equipment. To be able to finance this, the NRB runs an annual collection.

How can I help with the collection week?

The collection week cannot take place without the commitment of our loyal volunteers. Your contribution is therefore extremely valuable! There are several possibilities to help. We are always looking for collectors who want to help one or more evenings, but also for volunteers who want to help with the organization. Every contribution is welcome! We would like to work with you to find a position that suits you and your schedule.

Are children allowed to collect?

The national rule is that children from the age of 16 may collect independently. Of course, young children who enjoy helping may always do so under the supervision of an adult.

Is the Noordwijk Rescue Brigade allowed to collect?

Yes, that is allowed. The Noordwijk Rescue Brigade has a permit for this from the municipality of Noordwijk.