Safety Day Noordwijk

Also come Saturday, June 4 from 10:00 to 17:00 hours at the stand of the Noordwijk Rescue Brigade

Under the motto "Working Together for Safety", more than 160 volunteers from 45 organizations in the safety chain around the Noordwijk lighthouse and on the beach will show their manpower and equipment. Rescue exercises will be held on land and at sea with the cooperation of the Alouette III helicopter of the Belgian Air Force and the Eurocopter of the NHV Group from Flanders. In between the exercises these helicopters will be on display at the Oranje Promenade of the Hotels van Oranje.

What to expect at the stand of the Noordwijk Rescue Brigade

At the Noordwijk Safety Day there will again be lots to do at the Noordwijk Rescue Brigade stand. On arrival at the stand, you'll be told about the activities and aims of the Noordwijk Rescue Brigade. Then you can get started on the lifeguard experience.

The Lifeguard Experience

advertisement safety day pageStep into the world of the Lifeguard Service together with an experienced lifeguard. You will pass all the emergency vehicles that are used daily to keep the beach and the sea safe for all visitors. Experience what it's like to be in a Lifeguard Landrover. How to drive a real lifeboat on the sea. You may have a free photo taken of yourself together or alone on a Rescue watercraft. Play a game of Beach Flags together with the Dutch rescue team. Watch the sea from a real Lifeguard chair. Learn to tie the important rescue knots. This is a small impression of what you can experience at the Lifeguard experience area.

Experience at the Lifeguard Experience

1 Information point Noordwijk Rescue Brigade.
2 Information Tent Photo Gallery.
3 Lifeguard Landrover.
4 Mitsubishi L200 rescue vehicle.
5 Lifeboat explanation and experience.
6 Lifeboat explanation and experience.
7 Bouncy house.
8 Rescue Watercraft photo experience Facebook action.
9 Competition and Demostration field of the Dutch rescue sports team.
10 Rescueboards experience.
11 Lifeguard chair. Learn to look out to sea and find the buoy.
12 Rescue knotting table with experienced knotting instructor.
13 Coloring table for the little ones.