New NRB Secretary

Jan-Christian Slats


I am Jan-Christian Slats, born in Leidschendam and came to Noordwijk in November 2016. In my current relationship I have become bonus grandfather to our sweet grandson Tijn.

I am a father of two sons in the age of 25 and 28 years old. My oldest son lives together in Gouda and the youngest son still lives at home with his mother in Zoetermeer. Furthermore, I have two bonus daughters and a bonus son. In short, a proud father! Furthermore, I am a sporty person. I cycle and walk a lot (with my dog Lizzie), play field hockey and in the winter we always go skiing. I also like to travel to get to know the world better, mainly to enjoy myself.

How did I come to know about the NRB:

I came into contact with the NRB in two ways. First of all, my bonus daughter (Maaike Guijt) has been active as a volunteer at the NRB. In addition, my brother-in-law (Remco Filemon) approached me for the position of Secretary, which I accepted with both hands.

What do you need to know about me:

I am a very social person, flexible, agile, motivating and a powerful person who takes pride in his abilities and knows how to make a team perform better. I am also communicative, direct and honest in giving my opinion and answers to questions that are asked. I am a real team player, very structured and orderly, neat in dealing with people and I take my responsibilities. Furthermore, I am analytically very strong, decisive, stress resistant and pragmatic. Furthermore, I am sensitive to my environment and strongly focused on cooperation.

My main concerns/duties as Secretary:

  • Conducting correspondence, primarily through the mail;
  • Prepare and write up board meetings and general meetings in coordination with the President;
  • Taking minutes of board meetings and general membership meetings and maintaining the records required in connection therewith;
  • Compiling the annual report (with input from board, committee and working groups);
  • Coordinating membership standings and administration;  
  • Organizing and maintaining the archives;
  • Performing other work that can be counted as part of the secretariat.