Yes! We are going to start again with the swimming lessons up to 12 years old

From March 16, we can start the swimming lessons for children up to 12 years. This means that we can start with the swimming groups in the target group pool, for the diplomas A, B and C, but also the junior lifeguards up to 12 years. To be able to start the swimming lessons again, all measures have to be taken. We ask you to take the following into account:

Before coming to the pool

  • Do not come to the pool if you may have corona (COVID-19) or symptoms;
  • Prior to the pool visit, go to the bathroom at home;
  • Showers in the pool are closed;
  • Put on bathing suits at home;
  • A maximum of 1 parent/guardian may accompany each child to the pool;
  • Do not arrive at the accommodation earlier than 10 minutes before the agreed start time.

When you're at the pool

  • Upon entering, you must disinfect your hands before continuing to walk;
  • Only the parent/guardian of the children swimming in the target group pool may enter with the child. After undressing, walk out with your child's belongings in a bag;
  • Children who swim in the deep pool have a large bag with them that can hold their outerwear. They place this bag on the benches along the pool.

During and after swimming

  • Shower at home after swimming, showers in the pool are closed;
  • Immediately after swimming, leave the accommodation as soon as possible via the routing to the designated exit;
  • As the children dress, volunteers walk to support them here and there.


Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory in our accommodation for everyone aged 13 and over. If you cannot wear a mouth mask, please use a face mask for protection of your health and that of other visitors. The mouth mask or face mask is worn in the central hall, changing rooms and the walking route. So also when changing your child in the dressing room or changing cubicles.

We are looking forward to it! Are you too?

If there are any questions please contact the pool management.